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Summer Love and Friendship



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How the process works

Choose Your Design

Easily find your favorite card from our expansive collection of goodness. These knockout designs are created by and support independent artists from around the world.

With handy filters to assist in your search, you can quickly pinpoint the perfect card for your special occasion.

Make It Your Own

Once you’ve chosen a design that ticks all your boxes, it’s time to make it your own. Write a sweet, personalized message or an inside joke and Parcel of Love will then print your personal message inside the card.

With these touches, your custom card will make it seem like you’re right there, giggling and celebrating or sharing a much-needed hug.

We Print And Mail For You

No more early morning or late-night sprints to the mailbox. You can leave the mailing to us. The transaction is as simple as a few clicks on our website.

We deliver our mail via speedy First-Class mail, so it’ll be there in plenty of time for their special day.

We can help make a messy life look picture perfect

Easy No-Hassle Address Book

There are many perks to digitizing your calendar. With our easy-to-use address book, you can keep your contacts and important dates clearly organized and safely stored in one location.

To make things even easier, Parcel of Love will provide you with your very own link tailored for your personal address book.

Simply share the link to your loved ones, and they can fill your address book with accurate information and important dates. With our helping hand, who needs sticky notes?

Never Miss Special Dates

There’s no worse feeling than realizing that you’ve forgotten someone’s big day. When a special date is added to your Parcel of Love profile, you can completely let that worry go.

When the occasion gets closer, Parcel of Love will send you a reminder to your inbox or ping your cell phone.

The reminder will have a link direct to the occasion for the card type that you need. It’s that easy, select, customize and submit for us to send. You are now a superhero!

Charged upon Delivery Only

Don’t sweat the small stuff. With Parcel of Love, there are no membership fees, hidden charges or subscription contracts to worry about. We will only charge you for each card that is purchased.

Even if you only need the one card (for now), we’re just happy knowing that our card has brightened someone’s day. There’s no reason not to stay connected.

We Save Important Dates

We will safely store the information for you, and you can access it any time in your account.

This includes addresses, important dates and even the name of their spouse and pet. It gets even easier…