Our Story

We give you the gift of time.

Juggling everything that life throws at you is not an easy task. Managing, balancing, and keeping up with your professional, personal, and family life can be a real struggle.

Parcel of Love was created to help you along the path to your own organized perfection.

Staying in touch with our loved ones, close or far away, requires effort, organization, and our very valuable time. Rushed and thoughtless, late, or never-sent cards was the product of our chaotic lives. So, we developed a solution to making it easier to keep in touch with those we love; easily, effortlessly, and conveniently.

Working with and supporting artists from around the globe, Parcel of Love offers an array of unique cards so that you can find the perfect tailored message to send to your loved ones. Our Creative Envoy follows the trends and keeps our inventory fresh, fun, and of course, loving. They are truly the bomb-diggity (our most precious resource) and create the perfect message for every occasion.

We developed our website with simplicity, balance, and organization in mind. It’s a piece of cake. Find a card, personalize it, use your easy-to-use address book, and share your love from wherever you are with whomever you want. We will even let you know when special dates are approaching so you never miss a date again. Quick, easy, and mailed for you just at your fingertips. Now you will have time to chisel away at everything else.