Envoy FAQ’s

Does it cost anything to create an Artist Account?

No, it is free and will not cost you a penny and you will earn a monthly royalty as your designs continue to sell.

How do I join the Parcel of Love Envoy Team?

Submit an application in the Creative Envoy Portal. Simply follow the prompts for the information required, such as your name, your location, store name to be utilized on the website and your personal bio. You will be asked to share some examples of your work either via a link or upload. See Creative Envoy Guide The Love Ambassadors will notify you of your acceptance. Its that easy.

Where do you sell Parcel of Love cards?

Cards will be sold online via parceloflove.com. We will be advertising though social media and organically with all search engines, such as Google and Bing.

What are the Royalty Rates paid by Parcel of Love?

For artists who signed up pre-launch of the website, Parcel of Love will pay a 11.5% net payment for the Royalty Rate. (The net sale value is the price the customer pays Parcel of Love minus taxes). Creative Envoy members who create an account post launch will be paid 10% net payment for all cards sold on our site.

How and when will I be paid for selling one of my designs?

During your account setup you will need to assign a PayPal account to your user profile. At the end of each month, we run a sales report confirming your monthly sales activity and make a direct payment to your Paypal account on file for any of your cards sold. You can track all sales “live” as they occur in your artist account.

When will I receive my royalties?
We pay via paypal, so due to the paypal fees, we only submit payment once you make a minimum of $6.70. Your royalties will roll over into the next month or whatever month that you meet this minimum.
Do I retain copyright of my designs?

You retain all copyright of your designs as they are your intellectual property, you grant Parcel of Love a license to reproduce your work and pay you a royalty for each design sold. See Terms of Use.

Will you just use my designs on cards, or can it be used on additional products?

We will only use your designs on greeting cards and select greeting card promotions.

Is there a limit to the quantity of cards I can upload?

No, you can submit as many as you wish but you can only upload one design at a time, once submitted they will go through approval process and if selected will be uploaded onto the website. Each card upload is limited to 5MB.

Am I allowed to put my designs on additional 3rd Party e-commerce websites?

Yes, you are free to upload your designs to other e-commerce sites as they are your intellectual property, and we are just licensing them from you on a non-exclusive basis. If they have been offered and accepted as an exclusive design, then they can feature on your own site but not on any other 3rd party retailer websites. See the Creative Envoy Guide to on designating a card as exclusive.

How do I offer an Exclusive Design?

When uploading your finished design in the Artist Portal, simply select the toggle button to submit your card for exclusivity benefits. The Love Ambassadors will review and approve the card for content and that it meets our quality standards.

What do you get when offering Exclusive Designs?

Once you have submitted an exclusive card design and it has been approved by Parcel of Love, we will use your card art in promotional campaigns, adding addition value and additional traffic to your card store. See Terms of Use for more information.

How do I remove my exclusive card from my exclusive offerings on Parcel of Love?

You can request to remove your card from the exclusive section of the website by emailing hello@parceloflove.com. This removal request can take up to 30 days to process.

Can I manage my cards inventory on your site?

All of your cards are accessible in your unique store on the Creative Envoy Portal Dashboard. You can log on at any time, upload new cards or remove existing cards that you feel are not performing.

What is printed on the back of the card?

There is a 600 x 400 dpi rectangular box to place your logo. See Creative Envoy Guide for insertion area and instructions. Your bio will also show on the back of the card under the logo. You will need to copy and paste your store bio into this area . See Creative Envoy Guide for how to insert.