Creative Envoy

Thank you for your interest in joining our team of Creative Envoys.
Without creative minds, such as yourself, we cannot be successful.

Why Parcel of Love?

Marketing Expertise

Parcel of Love is a team of marketing professionals who specialize in e-commerce. Our Love Ambassadors are hard at work getting your artwork in front of the right customers to maximize your commercial success.

We love our Creative Envoy

Parcel of Love has an immense appreciation for the arts and creatives such as yourself.  It is our joy to work with and promote our team of artistic talent and to share in their success.

Our Digital Footprint

Our cards are created and support independents artists from all over the planet, spanning a vast array of styles and occasions, as is reflective of each artist’s individual flair. We’re always working to recruit cosmic artists with that special flair for our customers. Could you be the one?


We pay cooking with gas bacon (aka royalties) on every card sold.

Tips for Success

Eye-catching colors and design elements

Bold color palettes, striking fonts, and visually appealing design elements definitely help a card stand out. Keeping in mind that much of our advice stems from putting yourself in the card-buyers’ shoes, we do encourage a bit of experimentation. For example, some designers might assume that all cards given to men should employ darker, masculine colors, but that’s not always the case. We welcome thinking outside the “color standards” box.

Personal Touch

There’s something special about cards that use elements created by hand, such as hand-lettering, fonts that appear to be created by hand, or hand-created drawings and illustrations. Handmade touches can make a design feel a little more personal and unique.  If you’ve included hand-lettering on the outside of the card, we suggest including hand-lettered copy on the inside as well.

Know your audience

We all know situations where people who we thought should know better grossly misread their audience. When it comes to delivering a greeting card design that works, you can never know too much about the people who will get them and the people they might give them to.

Make your subject obvious

Design your own card to make it simple for your audience to understand. If it takes more than a moment to understand your greeting card, consider a redesign. If it is a themed card for a specific season or event, this should be obvious from the first glance.

Make it exclusive

At Parcel of Love, we value the opportunity to have exclusive cards and we highlight them on social media and the home page!

How does it work?

  1. We would suggest that you upload a minimum of 5 cards to start your site. The more cards you upload, the better the chance of more sales. We have tips of how to upload your creations here. Templates can also be found here.
  2. Our Love Ambassadors approve each piece of artwork that we receive, in order to ensure that it is fun, is likely to give you the success that you hope for and adheres to our standards and guidelines.
  3. Your store will be provided a custom URL that you can share with your entire network.
  4. As the Parcel of Love team are marketing experts, we have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to advertise the best cards via social media, email marketing, landing pages and even paid advertising!
  5. Get paid and track your sales! As an Envoy, you have access to your sales dashboard to monitor your success. Go to FAQ’s for more information on how you get paid.