Address Book and Reminders

Is the Parcel of Love Address Book free?

Yes, totally! This free online resource is yours to use.

How do I add addresses to my address book?

You can either manually input contact information and important dates or simply copy your unique link and email or text it to your loved ones. They can fill in the information about everyone in their household and it will automatically populate your online address book. This will ensure that you have the most current and accurate information. It’s so easy!

Can I share my address book with whoever I want?

That’s the beauty of our Address Book, you have your own personal link to your safe, secure and free address book. Send the link by text, email or an alternate messaging app and whoever fills in the form with their name and important dates will be saved in your address book ready for use on Parcel of Love.

How do Notifications and Reminders work?

Once you have populated your address book with recipients and important dates, Parcel of Love will send you reminders to your email and/or via text to your phone. Your preference for notifications are found within your account. You can edit your preferences at any time in your address book. With a little help from our team and these fabulous features, you have the tools to never miss a special date again.