Ordering Process

How do I order a card?

Simply select the card that you wish to send, personalize it with your message or add to cart to handwrite and deliver to yourself. If you choose to personalize the card, choose the font and add your message. You can select if you want to mail it to yourself or send to a recipient.

How do I personalize my card?

Select your card and choose Personalize this Card, you will then be able to select a font when writing your personalized note and you can input your loving message inside the card.

Can I write anything I want inside of my card?

We do not encourage anything that could be considered unlawful or inappropriate. Do not include any content that is obscene, harassing, defamatory, threatening or defamatory. We are Parcel of LOVE and support only loving messaging and in no way encourage negative, hateful or hurtful conduct.

Can I order the card with no message inside?

Absolutely! All cards can be purchased without personalization. Simply click Add to Cart to mail it to yourself.

Why can’t I change the wording on the front of my card?

All of our cards have been designed & supplied by independent artists. Only the inside of the card can be personalized.

I don’t want to see inappropriate cards? Can I filter them out?

Of course! We don’t want anyone to be offended by what cards they see, so, just click no to omit saucy cards from the selection on the card page and the less tasteful cards will disappear.

Are there any hidden fees?

None at all. You just submit payment for the card and the stamp that you send.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit, debit cards, Venmo & PayPal.

Can I apply my discount code after my order has been placed?

No unfortunately not, once your order has been placed, we cannot add any additional discount.

Can I change my address after I've placed an order?

Please contact our Love Ambassadors immediately and if received in time, we can change this in the system.

How do I check my order status?

We will keep you up to date with your order progress via email.

How will I know you have received my order?

You will receive an email confirmation of your order as soon as you press submit. We’ll keep you updated on order progress, which can also be viewed in the “My Orders” section of your Account.

Are my credit card details stored safely?

For security reasons, your payment details are not stored on Parcel of Love.

Can I update or remove my saved payment card details?

For security reasons, your payment details are not stored on Parcel of Love.